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Never apologize for your fluency in english.
If you have a different mother tongue, you are under no obligation to know english at all, let alone fluent english.
Never let anyone make you feel bad for not speaking proper english.
Be proud of your mother tongue.
Why should we learn their language when they mock and refuse to learn our own.


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"The only thing we are allowed to do is to believe that we wont regret the choice we made." -Levi Ackerman


"The only thing we are allowed to do is to believe that we wont regret the choice we made." -Levi Ackerman

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bury me in armor so I’ll be ready for the skeleton war



why is his fricking chest uncovered? that’s ppor planning right there

what are you gonna do?

stab a skeleton in the heart?

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Mom: Where you going 




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The 5 times Sokka forgot Toph was blind and the time he didn’t.


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Status: Rain! :)

Older person on Facebook: Us too, so badly needed as well. Tell your mom I said hi. How is the family? Tell everyone hi from us. We miss you all so much. Wish we could be there. You're a beautiful young woman.

shotaboyarmin said: Do you want to tell me what's wrong? I might not be able to help but I'll try. ♥️

Okay, so I’ve been under a lot of stress. First, my school district isn’t giving me a bus despite my disabilities. So I’ve been.doing the paperwork to file for due process. They’ve also been treating my mom/my representative like she’s inferior to me and nothing she says matters. My case manager for the District who writes my IEP is a fat bitch and tried dismissing everything on the grounds that I apparently dont need it. It’s discrimination.

Also, I had a standard check-in with my psychiatrist on Thursday. I’m 204 apparently and 5’ 6”. She spent the entire appoimtment telling me that I’m a fatass, I need to start going to the gym (been doing this for a long time already), that I need a nutritionist, that I need bloodwork done, I got the apple-to-pear comparison from her, disregarded anything I said, and that I’m apparently gonna get diabetes and a heart condition. My diet hadn’t changed in five years. Needless to say, my self esteem is gone.

Very very bad week.



American History 101

True life: I got kicked out of class in the third grade for bringing this up.

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id rather have my heart ripped out of my chest than feel the pain anymore…

just waiting for lung cancer at this point.






lesbianesque[tw: homophobic violence]


Today my hometown was struck by a disgusting hardship.

A woman this afternoon was found by a neighbor, bleeding and naked. She was attacked in her home because she was gay. Two or more men broke into her home through the basement and proceeded to tag her basement. They found the homeowner, who is an open lesbian, and stabbed, assaulted, and carved “dyke” into her chest. They attempted to burn her house to the ground, but the gas only sparked. Somehow, this woman (who remains anonymous until she decides to come out on her own time) was able to escape. She was found naked, bound with zip ties, and bloody. She is still alive and in the hospital. A candle light vigil was held in her name tonight, where more than 500 people from Lincoln and surrounding cities and states joined to talk about the hate and to pay homage to the victim.

A recovery fund has been set up to help her cover medical bills and anything she may need. That link can be found here, along with a link from the original news story.

Notes: Article taken directly from the Lincoln Journal Star website

Pictures are courtesy of Lincoln Journal Star and Steve Andel Photography. I do not own any rights to anything posted.


Why doesn’t this get a full day of news coverage and nationwide outrage?

I know someone who lives just blocks away with her partner. They are terrified. It’s sickening.

To the anon who claimed mocking a T-shirt in support of Joe Paterno is a hate crime: No. THIS is a hate crime.

Absolutely, utterly horrifying.

Why the FUCK isn’t this on the news. I just watched the news for like two hours, no mention of this. What the fuck.

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I’m putting the usernames in a notebook to give to my family when I finally come out to them. They told me once when I was little that if I ever came out to be gay to not tell anyone because they thought I’d be judged so please reblog so I can show them that people in my generation are different than theirs.

I’m not coming out until I fill the notebook. So if you want to help?

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